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Hi, and a very warm welcome to our personal website.

We are Ben & Blanche Morris, and we are firstly the parents of two gorgeous kids, and secondly Digital Life Mentors!

If you are anything like us, you know in your heart that there has to be a way to earn the income you desire and have ample time to spend with your family and friends. I’ll explain how we are finding both soon, but first let me tell you a bit about us…

The reason we started this business was because we both wanted to be able to work from anywhere and have control over our future. Ben was sick of working ridiculous hours with no where near enough reward and I was sick of feeling like I was parenting alone. Ben was missing out on so much with the kids and I was often struggling to keep my calm voice by the end of each day. 

We created this site to primarily network with other entrepreneurial parents who are feeling the same way and to help and inspire them to discover an alternative to what is considered and accepted as ‘the norm’.

You may already have a business that you would like to take online or you may be looking to start a new online business – there are options to suit everyone.


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The Imbalance Before Digital Life Mentors

Before teaming up and starting Digital Life Mentors, we felt we had tried everything to have a strong income that didn’t mean we were living week to week and struggling to pay the bills. We had invested – maybe not so wisely, we both had what we thought were relatively successful careers – until we dropped to a single income to have kids, Ben had worked multiple jobs, we had relocated for a “better” job that offered more money and had even owned our own successful cafe on busy Beaufort Street. 

The reality with all of these though was actually a complete imbalance in one way or another. 

If the lifestyle was ok, the bank account fell short and left us struggling to keep up with the bills. If the bank account was doing ok, we were working 6-7 days a week with no life!


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Along came the little ones…

While we made do and felt we were successful in the scheme of things we very soon released that it did not translate when you brought a little one into the world. And it was most certainly not the life we had dreamed of continuing when we decided to become parents. All we wanted now was to build a safe, secure and happy environment for our family. We wanted to be free to spend time with our kids, help them learn, show them the world and turn up to their school concerts and weekend sports events. 


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The reality check

In reality, by the time our first was in school, we were struggling to do any of this. Work was all consuming and even though the bank account was ok, it wasn’t enough.

Life with kids can be expensive. Sure it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to enrol them in after school sports, you don’t have to send them to expensive schools and buy them clothes from Myer rather than Kmart. But let me be completely honest with you here…. that is exactly what we DID want to do. And that may not be everyones choice, but it is our choice.

Our thoughts have always been “If all we can give our kids is the best available education, then they will at least have the very best opportunities in life to do whatever they choose to do”. We wanted them to have choices. We don’t necessarily want them to go on to University if they don’t want to but during their compulsory school years, we wanted them to be exposed to the best we can offer. 

And while we needed to be able to pay for this education, those after school activities and the nice (not overly expensive but just nice) clothes, we wanted to have a life with them! We wanted to have the time and money to go caravanning and camping with them and our families, we wanted to travel with them, we wanted to have the time to just sit with them and watch the days pass by however they wanted to do so. 


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By this stage, we owned a successful cafe on busy Beaufort Street. It had been a long term dream yet the reality was much different. Ben was working at least 6 days a week and when he had that 7th day off, I had to cover him. Parenting in general is hard work but single parenting due to work is seriously hard work!

The hours were long and he was always missing out experiencing the little things that really matter to a kid. His health was suffering and while the bank balance was ok, the lifestyle was non existent. 

And that is where we drew our line in the sand!

We were not going to live our lives this way! We both wanted to be present for our kids without sacrificing our income. So we sold up and took off on a 6 week caravanning holiday to reconnect as a family, find ourselves again and make a plan!


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Breathing time to build a new reality

The trip was amazing. We all bonded like we have never had an opportunity to do before. We took the time to rest and experienced what life could be like without the rules imposed by society. 

We wanted this holiday to last forever. So we decided as we headed out of Broome back towards Perth that we were going to start living the life we had been talking about. And, why shouldn’t we?!? Why shouldn’t you?!? 

Who told us all that we had to live life the hard way, work all day, have a few hours with the kids before bed while they are flipping out, watch some boring program on tv, then pass out (most likely with too much exhaustion to even be intimate).

Maybe that is the way your parents did things? Maybe thats the way everyone else you know is doing things? Hell, sometimes it feels like most of the world is ‘living’ their life this way!


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Well we are happy to proclaim that we are not doing it that way any more. 

We searched and we are pleased to tell you there is another way! A way that we would be able to work from home and generate the income we desired. And even better still, you could do it to!


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Our turning point

Our physical turning point may have been Broome, but our mindset turning point was when we started our training with Stuart & Jay from the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

After initially previewing the training about online marketing from Six Figure Mentors, we realised we could actually build a different life for our family – a better life. This was our opportunity to design our life the way we had always wanted and to work with others who shared our passion. 

Their training provided us with a strong foundation of knowledge about making legitimate money online. They taught us, at the end of the day, how to build a residual income into the hundreds of thousands. All through list building and affiliate marketing. 

Getting started was easy, their training sessions were interesting and very detailed. They were tailored to suit everyone including those who know nothing about the internet or setting up email. Beyond all that, there was also a strong and kind community of like minded people who believe there is plenty for everyone, so lets all help each other to succeed. What a concept!

Let us be clear though, you do have to put in the work. You have to take part in the training, you have to get together a clear plan and you have to open your mind to opportunity! And if you are anything like us, it will blow your mind!

There is great support available from the Six Figure Mentors team (in person and live if needed) and we are here to help you too – 24/7. 

That is the joy of an online business. You can work when you want and from where you want. 

Once you have established your foundations through quality training, the possibilities are endless.


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To infinity and beyond…

(You did the voice in your head, didn’t you?)  :)

We are now excited for life. We look forward to our future and we will continue to reach for the stars because we deserve no less and we won’t let anyone tell us any different. 

We all deserve to live the life we want and we are determined to help others (especially mums and dads) do the same. 

We will continue to grow our own business by providing our clients with ongoing support and mentoring so that they too can set up a successful business or integrate their current businesses into the online world.

Thank you for reading our story. 

Your in happiness, health and wealth,

Ben & Blanche Morris


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