Social Media

Do you know how to unlock the secrets of the various social media platforms available to your business? We have the keys that will help you master them and use them to effectively build a tribe of followers that will trust you, become your loyal fans, interact with you and ultimately transact with you.

Rather than just doing it all for you, we work one on one with you or your team to:

  1. Teach you how to use the most suitable social media platforms for your business
  2. Help you plan and schedule content that will increase engagement without taking up all of your time
  3. Help you create powerful strategies to meet your personal and/or business goals
  4. Empower you to manage daily social tasks and make informed decisions to meet personal or business objectives
  5. Guide you through analysing your results and make informed decisions to consistently improve your social marketing results
  6. Create targeted, results driven social media advertising campaigns that convert and build your list
  7. Show you how to use the power of ‘pixels’ to measure and manage advertising results and re-target new and existing fans

Email Marketing

Email list building and marketing is without a doubt one of the most important areas of focus when building a thriving, sustainable online business. Your list gives you direct access into the lives of your followers and provides you with an ongoing source of revenue, if managed correctly. The profit is always in the list, so build a big one!

Let us work with you to:

  1. Design an email broadcast program that engages your audience without annoying them.
  2. Automate as many broadcast tasks as possible so you do not have to respond to each and every email your receive.
  3. Create compelling ‘lead magnets’ that will consistently increase your targeted subscriber base
  4. Establish segments and groups in your audience to ensure the content is appropriate for the recipient and maximise your chance of engagement.
  5. Build autoresponders to deliver welcome messages, educational series, product news or anything else you can think of 🙂
  6. Create a sales funnel that converts in conjunction with an automated series and understand the power of low-tier, mid-tier and high tier products

Website Design

We build, re-build and re-design websites to have a purpose. Gone are the days where you can simply just put anything up. Your website needs to be objective driven and convert your visitors into sales, enquiries, fans, subscribers, members and so on… We have a thorough understanding of how to build websites that are visually appealing and we can create brand specific content that engages your site visitors and guides them on their journey to meet your objectives.

We work one on one with you or your team to:

  1. Understand you, your business, your brand and your audience.
  2. Create a simple to follow site map and user experience diagram prior to any site design or development.
  3. Work together to design a website that appeals to your audience.
  4. Work together to create compelling content that engages the site visitor.
  5. Build a website that you can update yourself.
  6. Host your website in a safe, fast and secure environment to ensure the best possible speed of delivery.
  7. Provide post site-live services and strategies to ensure traffic and key objectives are being met and managed.