The 5 Common Definitions Of Success

January 15, 2015
January 15, 2015 Ben

Who first taught you how to define success? Think back, can you identify who it was or what they said?

Most often how we define success is based on how our parents defined success.

If your parents were always on a budget or if, as a child, you saw that their happiness was most often dependent on if they had money to spend, then it is most likely that you would have initially defined your own success in monetary terms.

Or perhaps you don’t recall noticing how your parents defined success. Perhaps, it is more related to your peer group. If you are surrounded by people who outwardly show their pride based on if they own a house in a certain suburb or a particular fancy car, then potentially you will also define success by the possessions you have.

Of course there are a variety of ways to define success. These are the 5 most common:

1. Money or material possessions
As mentioned above this is all to do with the amount of money you have and the amount/types of material possessions that money will buy.

This is how society suggests we should define our success, after all money is, in one way or another, linked to most of our day to day activities from the grocery bill, how we get to work, what clothes we wear, the list goes on!

2. Effectiveness
Success as defined by effectiveness is best described by the questions “Are you making things happen?” and “Are you achieving what you set out to achieve?” These questions are not referring to the end results but rather the actual progress or development of your project called life and all its components.

3. Happiness and Joy
If your success is defined by your level of happiness and joy, then it rarely matters how much money you are making or how many ‘things’ you have collected along the way.

You could be paid a multiple six figure salary and yet, if the work you are doing doesn’t stimulate feelings of happiness and joy each day, then you will not feel the glory that success can bring.

4. Contribution
Contribution is, unfortunately, often at the bottom of the list as many people feel they can only contribute once they achieve success in monetary terms. In reality, contribution simply means giving beyond yourself and there are so many ways to have a positive impact on others and the environment around us. Additionally, contribution is one of those ‘human gifts’ that will move you towards a sense of fulfilment.

5. Balance
Work/life balance is a concept that has been gaining steam for quite a few years now. If this is something you believe determines your success then the demands placed on you from your choice of work needs to be in an appropriate proportion to the rest of your life.

Balance is not always easy to achieve and can be difficult to manage over long periods of time, however it seems to be something that so many people are searching for.

Whilst most people find they define success with a combination of these, there will always be one that is more weighted. There will also be times when your definition will change depending on the stage of life that you are in – and that is ok!

How do you currently define your success?

Right now, for us as parents, we feel balance is the most significant definition. Whilst we are on the path to build a business that provides an extraordinary income, we are clear that any material possessions we acquire as a result will not define us.

Our aim is to raise our children with a well rounded approach to life and would rather they realised as early as possible that smart decisions can set them up to create the lifestyle balance that will allow them to live the life they desire.

So ask yourself..

How do you define success?
How would you like to define success?
What can you do today, and each day, to change your way of thinking to suit?

Wishing you every success – whatever that may mean to you, 🙂

Ben & Blanche Morris – Your Digital Life Mentors

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