For The Sake Of Your Kids And Your Kid’s Kids Never Stop Learning!

January 27, 2015 Blanche Morris

It’s 2015 and technology is developing at an ever increasing rate – a rate that is actually too hard to keep up with and a rate that is never going to slow.

The future as a result looks bright in many ways, especially for those who have a hunger to learn. We no longer have to take a trip to our local library to cross-research between books that were published 20 years ago. We also no longer have to commute to a tertiary campus and sit through lectures at a time of day that does not fit with our body clock. You know that mid afternoon timeframe when you would much rather be out in the sunshine or chatting with friends over a coffee.

We did it the old school way and can proudly say we froze our way through many a thrilling lecture on statistics – a skill we have yet to actually use. Our point is, we remember what it was like not that long ago.

These days it is so much easier and there are now no excuses for anyone, of any age not to keep learning!

After all learning leads to growth and while we continue to grow, we will continue to live!

Gandhi himself stated:

‘Live life as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’

Learning something new keeps our minds active and will also keep you in the game, so to speak.

We are sure there are many baby boomers out there who cringe each time their grandkids come over and want to show them how to use an iPad. They have hit that fork in the road and now it is time for them to make a choice. Either catch up or get left behind!

The best news, for the baby boomers of this world, and anyone else who feels there is something they need to learn about, is everything you need to know is right there waiting for you!

You are never too young or old to learn. Technology is now, in most instances, intuitive and you can choose to learn in any way that best suits you.

  • If listening to someone talk is what works for you, then check out podcasts.
  • If watching someone talk is what works for you, then check out video blogs (vlogs).
  • If reading works for you then find a blog to follow.
  • If you prefer to know something about the person teaching what you want to know then find someone you like and can respect and follow then personally!

It really is that simple.

There are so many ways to learn and so many educated, successful people online preparing courses and programs to teach you just about anything. All you have to do is take the time to find them and then trust in this new way of learning.

One of our aims in life is to learn as much as we possibly can and then pass everything we know on to our children, so they can do it (life) better and easier than we ever did!

We personally have chosen to learn from Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek at the Digital Experts Academy and have never looked back. They are the experts in digital and affiliate marketing.

However, at the end of the day all you have to do is learn something, learn anything and stay in the game. If not for your own personal development but so that you can grow with your children and your children’s children and continue to teach them something new long into the future.   🙂


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  1. Ceri Byrne

    How amazing our future is, learning has developed into a whole different concept. We all want to learn, one minute you’re working, next learning, next finding something new.

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