Will The SFM Work For You?

If you`re looking for a proven online marketer with years of experience to reveal exactly what the SFM is all about, then you`ll be in for a total shock!

We are complete Newbies to “Internet Marketing” (we started just a few months ago) and we think you`ll want to take 5 minutes from your busy schedule to read exactly what we have to say…

We created this page to give our personal review of The Six Figure Mentors. We are active members of The SFM, so we thought that who better to do this than us?

In our honest opinion, we think that The Six Figure Mentors offers the best training and marketing system available on the Internet for making money online. And, within this review we are going to explain why we think this, and we will let you come to your own conclusions on whether it is a right “choice” for you or not. We are going to break this down into…


4 Good Reasons why YOU Can`t Live Without SFM

Reason #1: The SFM Community Opens Doors

We Love Coming Here Every Day and Participating in The SFM Community.

Ever felt frustrated, lost, or overwhelmed by the Internet marketing “wild west”. There is a specific reason for this…you had nobody to turn to when you were stuck. You will never have this feeling as a member of The SFM. The owner himself (Stuart Ross) and SFM`s Leadership Manager, Martyn Hickey are available for support, which is awesome. However, that is not even the best part – you have the ability to connect and communicate with 100`s of other aspiring and successful Internet marketers.

Yes, that is right. You can communicate directly with people that are having the same problems as you, people who have solved these problems already and want to help, along with many very successful online marketers, some of which make multiple six figures every year. That mentorship alone is worth 10 times the price of admission in our opinion!


Live Members Chat with people who share
your goals and ambitions is priceless!


Private Members Forum – Real help when you need it!


Reason #2: The Training Works!

With hundreds of training tutorials, videos, and downloadable guides (and growing everyday), The SFM offers online business training like no other. If you are an absolute beginner or if you are an expert looking to expand your knowledge base and network, their robust training will help you take your business to the next level.

Currently there are 12 separate training categories within The SFM. These include topics such as:

  • Getting Started Fast
  • Laying Your Foundations
  • Starting Your Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Ezine Advertising
  • Forum Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • WordPress

Each category contains its own set of specific resources which walk you through the entire process. If you are an absolute newbie, this will get you up and running very quickly.

It was actually the Getting Started section within The SFM that enabled us to start this very blog – Putting what we learned to work straight away!

One thing that we really think is cool is that there are many experts that contribute regularly within The SFM…adding new videos, tutorials, and posts for other members. To be honest with you the training within SFM is more than most advanced college courses would ever offer! Every single training resource is included with your membership. This is really awesome!


Here`s a snap shot of the `Training Vault` – It`s so Easy to use!


Reason #3: The Icing on the Cake!

What you are used to paying for is offered within The SFM for free.

Here`s where we saved a ton of money with free website hosting, free website builder, free graphic creator, free ebook cover creator, free viral Reports, tracking/masking…it goes on and on.

The SFM will continue to exceed your expectations. We have never been associated with a company that is more giving. We mean, when the guys behind The Six Figure Mentors create something, they offer it to members for free.


Reason 4: Real People = REAL $UCCESS!

This is where we share our successes and offer tips to other members inside The SFM.


Obviously, outside of all the features, support and training at The Six Figure Mentors, whether or not people are succeeding is important to us. If people are not succeeding around us (and if we haven`t succeeded), then we do not recommend something. Whether this is a program to help you lose weight or to help you make money, the claims have to match the product quality or we don`t promote it. It is as simple as that. At The SFM you have the foundation to be as successful as you want.

The cool part is that we are not even close to being the most successful member at The Six Figure Mentors. There are guys and gals within the community that make much more than us (multiple six figures per year) that started with SFM Founder Stuart Ross. There are also many people earning $20, $50, $100+ per day very quickly with the training.

If we can achieve success with something, so can you. We are just a regular mum and dad that was willing to work towards something…and with the help of The SFM and a little elbow grease we did it and we are here today!

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