Life is about making an impact, not making an income – Kevin Kruse

March 4, 2015 Ben

“Life is about making an impact, not making an income..”Kevin Kruse

Are you currently making a positive impact in your world! At work, at home, in your community or in any other aspect of your life? Or are you going to work each day, in a shitty job, with an average income that allows you to get by and pay the bills with little impact at all?

It’s a question that you should ask yourself more often – “What impact am I having on my world today – and consequently – the world today?”

Many of us know that the way to be truly fulfilled is to make an impact on the world around us by contributing beyond ourselves, and doing something that allows us to grow each and every day.

Our advice to you is – start immediately! Start contributing without expecting anything in return. You can do this with people in your office, or your family or even on Facebook if that is your preferred way to “connect”. Of course, we don’t mean just be a little nicer to people – though that’s not a bad idea in general – we mean find the way that you alone can impact your world.

It’s not as easy as you might think. But I guarantee that the effort and energy you put into making someone else’s day/world a little bit better (no matter how big or small) or by jumping online and starting to learn something new to keep your mind moving forwards – will come back at you 10x….   Our hope is that these steps will help you on your way…

Step 1. Work Out What Makes You Unique

We are all so very different! Throughout life society tries to make us conform and often our little quirky qualities get squished. They never really go away; it’s more about suppression which is really sad. However, as an adult who is looking to find fulfilment in a life designed by me, let me tell you, those quirky qualities are what sets you apart and what will ultimately help you enjoy success.

It doesn’t matter whether you eat meat or don’t eat meat… it doesn’t matter whether you listen to jazz or hiphop…. and it doesn’t matter whether you drive a BMW or catch the train… what matters is that you are you – and all of the quirky little things that add up to you need to be shared – because guess what – that’s what makes you, you… embrace you!

The world would be a much better place if we all stopped judging and focused our energy on how we can serve another person rather than what we can destroy the human spirit!

Step 2. Identify Your Strengths And Share Them

We are all great at some things and not so great at others – and that’s ok!

In fact, we are lucky enough to be involved with the Six Figure Mentors who have a community of members from each and every walk of life all across the globe. Someone in North Carolina is awesome at recording podcasts and teaches us all about that and another person living on the Gold Coast in Australia is great and Facebook tutorials, and they teach us about that. No matter what your strengths and weakness’ are, when you find yourself in a community of like minded individuals, the sum of everyone becomes a whole. And that is a massive impact that shapes the world in a much better way they having a thousand opposing forces.

Work out what you are good at and play to your strengths then find like minded individuals to bounce off of. When you are both contributing and growing… fulfilment is achieved and the feeling is unbelievable. It gives you the motivation and momentum to keep wanting more. Thats how you make an impact!!

Step 3. Learn A Little… Contribute A Little… Take Massive Action

And the final step is to take time to learn how to be effective – not too long though… that is called procrastination. 😉 And then get on with it.

The great thing about the internet – especially for digital entrepreneurs – is it is so easy to identify who you want to hang out with – or in marketing terms – who your target audience or avatar is. Sure you will have to put in a little time to learn the best way to put yourself out there for the world to see, but believe me its part of the fun, and once you get the hang of it your eyes will by wide opened and your grin will be from ear to ear.

You will no longer be thinking about how you can make an impact on just the people around you, but you will also see how you can impact people all around the world. Plus, along the way you will also find the many people out there who have learned to love their inner quirkiness and how they use it to their advantage when it comes to online business.

And, of course, the final key to make it all happen is to take massive action. Which means, do something right now that will commit you to changing your life and moving towards a more fulfilling and rewarding way of living.

Of course there is always the alternative – which is you keep earning that shitty income, working the usual 9-5 with everyone else in the rat-race and completely forget that we even had this conversation 🙂 !

If you want to make an impact but are unsure what you can offer, then schedule a free skype consult with us (email us at [email protected] to book a time).

We love meeting people who are unique, driven and have a desire to create the lifestyle of their dreams.

Talk soon, until then,

Live with passion!

Ben & Blanche Morris – Your Digital Life Mentors


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