Is There Really A Journey That Amazing?

July 8, 2015 Ben

When starting a new online business it’s easy to get so enthusiastic about the end goal that you can get a little lost along the way. OK, maybe a lot lost :-)… There are so many tasks that need to be completed, so many steps that need to be taken and so much to learn. And, lets face it, there are so many distractions online promising the answer to all your frustrations that sometimes you can end up looking at the clock as it clicks past midnight wondering what the hell you have been doing for the last 4 hours!?!

We have all been there at some time or another. There are so many options, so many questions…. and dare I say it… so much scepticism.

Can you build a successful online business on your own? Do you have the time? Do you have the skills? Do you have the motivation? Do you have the energy? (Especially if you are also working a traditional 9-5 job and will be starting this business in your treasured spare time.)

The answer to all of these questions and so many more is quite simply – Where there is a will, there is a way!

There are no overnight, magic button, get rich quick programs out there that are legit. If there were, we would all be following them, and we’d all be running our own amazing ‘digital lifestyle’ business’.

I always prefer to be completely upfront with the people we work with and let them know that the learning curve will be steep. The climb will not always be easy, but it will certainly be worth it once you reach the summit.

I always use to hate those reality tv shows where the contestants seemed to always refer to the ‘journey’. How pleased they were to have been on the ‘journey’. I cant even remember the name of the show or why it used to bother me so much. Perhaps it was an age thing? I didn’t believe there could really be a ‘journey’ that amazing unless you were actually travelling to some exotic location in the Maldives. I was too young to have had a truly transformational ‘journey’ of my own.

While I still consider myself young (35), I finally feel like I have been on, and am still on, one of those transformational journeys. Learning something new, something challenging, as an adult seems to push you to a new level of consciousness (not to get too deep on you). It doesn’t always come as easy as it used to or perhaps I now simply have greater expectations of myself. Either way, I often feel frustrated when I struggle to get my head around the concept of Facebook conversion pixels or Google Adwords analytics. Part of this journey is learning to accept that these feelings are completely ok. I have also accepted that we are working in a mysterious and ever changing online world and that new concepts that need to be mastered arise often. The difference is now that the high after finally understanding and being able to apply these concepts to my business is much, much higher. The sense of accomplishment is far greater and I love it. Its kind of addictive.

The single most important piece of advice that I have to share with you is this…

Whilst it is important to keep the end goal at the forefront of what you do, simply breathe and take one day at a time, one task at a time.

Mentors are great for helping you stay on track and moving forward but they are also great for slowing you down when you are powering too fast. I was listening to a playback of the July Six Figure Mentors founders call with one of our mentors Jay Kubassek last night before bed – I will point out that before bed is the worst time to listen to this type of thing as you mind starts racing on all the possibilities – and he urged us to enjoy our own personal journey. He has said this before and in hindsight I have been pushing towards achieving my goals so much that I have been missing the journey.

Building an online business with mentors like ours, the Six Figure Mentors, is an amazing journey that I can’t recommend enough. Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassak, Martyn Hickey and all the other SFM community members will challenge you to challenge yourself, but they also encourage you to slow things down so that you are able to master one concept at a time. They remind you to breathe and take one day at a time, one task at a time. This isn’t a race.

I feel so very grateful that they are there to guide us. They have made the process of building an online business so much easier for us by providing us with all the tools and mindset training we need in one place. They have given us direct Skype access to some of the worlds best digital entrepreneurs and they are always there to give encouragement and guidance just when you think you might not have what it takes.

So today I will breathe as today has been a great day. I have taken the time to cherish my children, I have worked on my business, I have learnt something new and I have shared something that I feel may help you on your own journey.

And, I will leave you with this… you are never to old to learn something new or start a new journey of your own.



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