Five Lessons For The New Digital Entrepreneur

August 11, 2015 Digital Life Mentors

Having access to Digital Life Mentors (DLM) is a sure fire way to increase your online earning potential. Not only are we committed 100% to your success, but we are also Elite Plus members of The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy.

Here are five practical actions to accelerate your digital growth and give you the edge.

Action 1 – You Must Be Focused!

It’s time to focus on being focused. Remember – when you say yes to one thing you say no to another. Decide what really matters take massive action and get to work. Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO says ‘I want to do one thing only and do it really well’.

Here at DLM, we recommend the ‘1-3-5’ system. Start with 1 which represents the single most important priority of the day. Only after completing 1 should you move to the next 3. These are the next most important priorities. Finally move the last 5. This simple tool can help you stayed focused on what really matters.

Action 2 – Grow your posse!

We are hard wired to connect. The world’s first Professor of networking at Cass Business School, Julia Hobshawm says ‘networking is a must-have skill to not just survive but to thrive in today’s online business world’.

Networks should be both broad and deep (quantity and quality). They can give your new digital business access to ideas, opportunities, funding and support that otherwise you would not have access to. Use your mentor. Start up a learning community. Attend webinars or events when offered.

The key is to have a plan for knowledge networking. Check out

Action 3 – Eat problems for breakfast.

Steve jobs was a master at using the power of constraints to force new ways of thinking. It means seize limitations and then transcend them.

Most of the magic happens just outside our comfort zone. This requires courage but also the ability to conquer fear and embrace failure as one half of success.

Focus on possibilities not problems.

Action 4 – Learn faster.

Read up. Build your own heroes network of people you admire in digital business and in life in general. Success leaves clues (“Tony Robbins”). Check out this TED talk at the bottom of this post.

Have a curiosity for new experiences and never stop learning. This hack is about cultivating a life-long commitment to learning. It will also help you anticipate what’s ahead on the curve that no one else has seen.Opportunity!

Action 5 – Make it happen.

Ultimately the distance between talk and results is action. Action 5 is about speed and what we call a high ‘I will’ attitude. This means you turn talk into action – quickly.

Our formula for digital entrepreneurship success is simple. Decide what’s important, prioritise it, explore it and execute it…. quickly!

To sum up, thinking like a digital entrepreneur is the number one hidden driver of success. In this age of multiple distractions, it’s all too easy to lose focus.

Are you ready to step up?

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