Busy, Broke & Foolish vs Smart, Wealthy & Free…

February 15, 2015 Ben

say-no-to-multi-level-marketing-150x150I was sitting up in bed a few nights ago thinking about all sorts of stuff, mainly our business.  I know it’s a bad thing to do but sometimes I get so excited about the whole process, I just can’t help it. 🙂

During my late night thoughts I started comparing the business we are promoting online now, to a MLM (multi-level-marketing) business a close friend of mine used to be involved with.

I wont tell you exactly which company it is, but in comparison to being an affiliate marketer for Six Figure Mentors… I now know that it’s absolutely crazy how hard some people work to try  make money in MLM/networking businesses!

If you are currently working for a MLM you must read on, as some of these points will hit home hard!

My ‘close friend’ started a few years back with a large MLM company. It was (and still is) a catalogue delivery company, and at the time he was working extremely hard at it.

He was working full time with this company and at the time was also working many hours outside of his paid hours. His average week would look like this:

Work 9-5. Deliver 400 catalogues. Post 1000 leaflets in doors to generate leads. Ring prospects at night for 3 hours to recruit people into the business.

Work 9-5. Put 1000 business cards on 1000 cars. Ring prospects at night for 3 hours to recruit people into the business.

Work 9-5. Collect 400 catalogues. Re-prepare catalogues to be redelivered tomorrow. Ring prospects at night for 3 hours to recruit people into the business.

Work 9-5. Deliver 400 catelogues. Another 1000 leaflets. Lamppost signs x10. Ring prospects at night for 3 hours to recruit people into the business.

Work 9-5. Ring prospects at night for 3 hours to recruit people into the business. Process and deliver customer orders.

Collect catalogues .Ring prospects at night for 3 hours to recruit people into the business.

Re-prepare catalogues to be redelivered tomorrow.

Shocking right?!

Do you know what the funniest thing is? Over the 2-3 years he was promoting that business – he actually made no money! (haha – if I dont laugh I’ll cry feeling sorry for him.)

Seriously! Yes, he was obviously turning over some money but it all went back in. He never once benefited financially from all that work.

I have spoken to him at length about this business model and when he looks back he can’t believe how hard he worked, for nothing! He admits he was running on fumes most of the time.

I think he was just excited at the opportunity of building a business with potential passive and residual income. So, he just put his head down and worked HARD.

So, lets compare that approach versus how we (my wife Blanche and I) promote The Six Figure Mentors.

Monday – Friday:
Check emails. Answer emails. Check traffic sources. Look for more traffic sources.

That’s pretty much it. If we choose to, we don’t even have to leave the house. Or alternatively, if we choose to, we don’t have to be in the house at all! Absolute flexibility and time freedom!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes looking at and managing traffic sources can be time consuming. But it’s also fun, and you can be SURE it’s a damn sight better than walking forever delivering 400 heavy catalogues.

If you’re motivated by lifestyle, having more time to yourself or with your family, and generally enjoying life to the full, then you absolutely have to check this out.

But if you are motivated more by money, then check out this awesome video that our colleagues just recorded after they found out they had earned $16,ooo in one day!!!

Ok, feeling pumped! So now let me ask you a question…

Which route would you pick?

I damn well know which I would pick and I know that I will never work as hard as my friend did for so little money.

These days I’m all about leveraging my time through the use of technology and systems. Funnily enough, the net result is more money from less time spent working.

I wish I knew years ago what I know now! Not only would I have significantly fewer grey hairs in my beard, but I’d be a millionaire several times over.

So it’s onwards and upwards. We will continue to build our business, and help others do the same (it’s what drives us these days).

But the good news is we aren’t greedy! If you want to start leveraging the same systems and technology we are, go ahead and apply here.

FYI, there is a free option to apply, but my advice (if you’re serious about changing your life) would be to take the express route or the VIP route. I know which I would take.

Speak soon.


PS check out this video where Stuart answers the question:
– “What Makes SFM Any Different To Others?”

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