80 Percent Psychology… Hmmmm

October 1, 2015
October 1, 2015 Digital Life Mentors

So, you’ve got the focus, you’ve got the dedication and you’ve got the right plan all laid out in front of you.

You’re ready to take internet entrepreneurship and all of its mastery to the next level. You’ve taken the time to find the right target and you’ve got your toolbox loaded with all the right moves.

Easy peesy japaneesy 🙂

So, why aren’t you getting what you want? Where are all of your leads? Why are they not subscribing to your offer? Where are all of your big ticket commissions? Why are you still working for the man?

What if I told you that even if you doubled or tripled your resources, toolboxes, wrote an even better plan and set amazing targets, still wouldn’t change your results.

I have the answer, and you’re not going to like it. But it’s the truth, and you need to hear it.

You have inner conflicts. I know, crazy right, but its true. You have inner conflicts and they are getting in the way of you and your ability to connect with your target.

80% of success, in anything, is your psychology and 20% is the mechanics to operate the tools in your tool box. You got it the wrong way ’round mister (or missus) 🙂

Too often we find ourselves in this situation without even being conscious of it. We get so consumed with resources and options of what to do with them, that we tend to push aside the importance of really trying to better understand who it is we are talking to and what it is that they need to hear from us, to then get them to make the decision that we want them to make. (take deep breath… and exhale…)

We take two steps forwards and three steps back because we asked the wrong person at the wrong time if they wanted to check out some videos. Or, we asked the right person at the right time if they wanted to pay some money to do learn more about something they have no interest in learning anything about.

Why didn’t you see this coming? Why didn’t you have this in your plan?

You can’t build a six or seven figure business if you have no time to do it. This, is a conflict.

You believe you have the talent and tools to make this happen, but another part of you thinks success is scary and not worth the effort. This is also a conflict.

It is time to unlock the inner conflict vault and unleash your entrepreneurial giant.

Identify your conflicts, get clear on what they are and what is most important to you today, and stop being pulled in two different directions.

Inner conflicts, when resolved, will give you alignment and then, only then, will you reap reward.

Whats most important to you? What do you value the most today? Forget about whatever someone told you to think about a decade ago. Think about what is required of you today to achieve your goals.

Its all about psychological strength.

So get strong.


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