10 Things You Need To Do When Starting A Lifestyle Business

May 27, 2015 Blanche Morris

The potential of a lifestyle business is endless. Success is mainly dependent on your level of commitment during the set up phase. So this article goes out to all of those people who want to know the top 10 things we think will help you succeed in those early days. They will also help set you up for the long term… as we always say, start everything how you would like to end. In this case, with clarity, determination and consistency.

We have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to experience working in traditional jobs and owning 2 very different types of businesses; one being a traditional bricks and mortar business and now Digital Life Mentors, our “Lifestyle Business“.

Now just to clarify, most people start a lifestyle business with the aim of producing extra money on the side and then over time growing to provide a separate revenue stream in its own right.

The ultimate aim in most instances is of course, to build your lifestyle business to a point where you are able to quit your day job and start focussing on doing all the things you are most passionate about.

For us, our lifestyle business aims to provide us with the one thing that is most important to us… time to spend with our kids.

The following 10 tips will help you to succeed when starting a lifestyle business:

1. Find out what you are good at and focus on it

Are you good at writing? Are you funny? Do you love Pinterest? Are you passionate about health and nutrition? All of these can give you a point of difference when starting your lifestyle business.

When we looked at what we were good at, we found there was a combined love of entrepreneurship, family and the desire for the right work life balance. (Now this last one is something that we have always struggled to find – more about that later).

2. Learn from the best and connect with people who inspire and challenge you

If you want to be the best, then you need to learn from the best. Find people who are succeeding at what you want to do and who are willing to teach you what you need to know. Then absorb everything you can.

Find people who will push you to be your best and who will encourage you to keep going when things feel like they are all too hard.

Fortunately, we have worked together before and know that we are great at motivating each other to take things to the next level. However, when we decided we wanted to start an online lifestyle business, we went about finding the best educators and mentors.

The Six Figure Mentors continue to provide us with quality education about what is happening in the digital world and how to capitalise on it. They have also introduced us to a network of amazing like minded people from around the world.

3. Make decisions about how you are going to move forward and then follow through

Dreaming about how nice it would be to have a lifestyle business wont ever manifest a profitable lifestyle business. You need to make the decision to start one and then be prepared to put in the required work to make it succeed.

At the start this may mean a lot of extra hours around your day job, attending webinars at random hours of the night and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Some of the best rewards in life are the ones that require the most dedication and hard work in the beginning.

4. Take ownership of as much as you can

Think of the digital world in terms of the real world. You want to own your own real estate and build a tribe of customers that are loyal to you.

There are heaps of opportunities to set up simple online stores through 3rd party websites, however you will never actually own these, so instead spend the time building your own.

The money is in the list, repeat that… the money is in the list. Watching the number of visitors to your site each day is of no benefit to you. However, having a method to communicate with a tribe of followers is of great benefit. List building is an art in itself – so take the time to learn how.

5. Be consistent and develop a daily routine

Consistency will provide comfort to your followers – whether on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email. If they are expecting a blog to be posted each Wednesday then make sure you have that blog ready to go. If they like hearing something inspirational on a Sunday, then provide that on a Sunday.

6. Schedule everything in blocks to minimise distractions

There are so many ways you can get distracted online and offline, so make sure you schedule the time you are going to work on your lifestyle business. Check emails once a day and schedule the most important tasks to be completed each day.

7. Aim to attract people who are similar to you

Lifestyle businesses can attract a lot of sceptics, so you need to be willing to put your true self on the line. There is certainly no hiding behind the computer screen if you want to really be successful.

Be true to who you are and aim to attract people who have similar aspirations, goals and interests as you.

8. Never forget the importance of your own health and fitness

Staying active will help improve your state of mind, keep you motivated and feeling energised to make things happen.

Its easy when starting something you feel committed to, to allow other things to fall to the way side – health and fitness usually being the first to go.

Remember that the ultimate goal of a lifestyle business is to have more time freedom and financial freedom for YOU! So make YOU a priority from the start.

9. Don’t take yourself too seriously

From day 1 of your lifestyle business, remember that the people who will want to be a part of your business will do so because they resonate with you. They want to hear from you and even see you, just to make sure that you are real.

Some of the best ways to marketing your business include Facebook and YouTube, both of which need to showcase you.

Putting your thoughts and even your face out there can be a little daunting to start with but our advice to you… don’t take yourself too seriously. Do the best that you can because people will appreciate it and be real about who you are.

10. Ditch the naysayers and get inspired

When starting a new business, especially one that is a little different to the ‘norm’, you will easily be able to find people in your peer group who are ready to tell you all the reasons they can think of why your dreams will never become a reality.

Just remember for the most part they are only trying to justify their own reason for choosing the traditional route.

Instead, find yourself a community of people who will provide you with support and advice that will help you to continue to learn and grow.

Find people succeeding at what you do and reach out to them. You will be amazed at how many will be happy to invite you in to their world of success and living the dream.

To find out more about the system we have used to build our lifestyle business, subscribe to our free video lifestyle series here. This 7-day video series will provide you with valuable insight into the endless possibilities.

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